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  • Hopes of progress at crisis summit on Ukraine

    The EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and US Secretary of State John Kerry have met in Geneva ahead of crisis talks on the critical situation in Ukraine. The prospects of significant progress appears difficult, however the fact that ..

  • Expectations are low as ministers gather for Ukraine crisis talks in Geneva

    A grim faced John Kerry arrived in Geneva for today’s crucial talks between top foreign ministers on the Ukraine crisis. Expectations of progress are low as diplomatic efforts appear to have fallen far behind the pace of events. The US Secretary ..

  • Four-way talks on Ukraine's multiple identity

    On Tuesday (15.04.2014), the Ukrainian government launched a 'full-scale anti-terrorist operation' to remove the pro-Russian protesters and militias who have been occupying nearly 10 cities in eastern Ukraine. In a telephone conversation with ..

  • Azeri village offers window onto past

    In 1834 members of the Molokan religious community set up home in a rural area of Azerbaijan.Families settled there after being exiled from Russia for breaking away from the rules of the Russian Orthodox Church. Their descendants still speak Russian ..

  • Russian action an ‘international crime’ says Ukraine PM

    Ukraine’s new Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk has reacted angrily to unfolding events in the east of the country. Addressing the cabinet in Kyiv he condemned what he said was Russian agitation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. He described ..

  • Petition by BILD newspaper fans the flames

    BILD Zeitung, Germany's best-selling, most important tabloid, has launched a terse petition drive: the paper urges its readers to support a petition to the Bundestag that demands 'the removal of the Russian tanks at the Soviet War Memorial in ..

  • Putin's Plan "F" for Ukraine

    Russian media and politicians call them 'supporters of federalization.' Their Ukrainian counterparts have branded the thousands of activists who have occupied regional administration offices and police headquarters in eastern Ukraine since April as ..

  • UN on human rights in Ukraine: ‘stop lies, propaganda and inciting hatred’

    A UN human rights report describes measures taken in Crimea since it was annexed by Russia as 'deeply concerning'. It says the introduction of Russian citizenship has made it hard for those who want to remain Ukrainian to stay. The report finds ..

  • Obama calls on Putin to rein in separatists in Ukraine as Lavrov visits China

    US President Barack Obama has called on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to use his influence to rein in pro-Moscow protesters in eastern Ukraine. The two leaders spoke by phone as militia continue to occupy government buildings. Putin has ..

  • EU agrees to tougher sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

    EU foreign ministers have agreed to expand sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine. Announcing the move, the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said there’d be more visa bans and more people would have their assets frozen. 'We ..