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  • Samsung delays smartphone run on Tizen operating system

    The South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced Monday it would delay the rollout of its first ever smartphone based on its new operating system, Tizen, which aims at lessening dependence on rival Google's Android. The electronics giant said ..

  • Google revenues and profits up

    Google's revenues were up 22 percent year-on-year in the second quarter, rising to $16 billion (11.8 billion euros). $9.3 billion of total revenues, or 58 percent, came from outside the US. The company reported earnings per share (EPS) in the ..

  • Google dumps porn ads

    Internet search giant Google is cracking down on porn by banning the adverts that include sexually explicit content which, up until now, have been shown next to its search results. Links to the porn sites themselves will still appear on searches. It ..

  • 'Google is not like any other average company'

    Mathias Döpfner is Chief Executive of German publisher Axel Springer. The interview was conducted at DW's Global Media Forum. DW: Your recent open letter to Google chairman Eric Schmidt in which you wrote that you are afraid of Google caused quite ..

  • Complying with ECJ, Google removes first Europeans from results

    In May, Google set up a form to allow Europeans to request the removal of results about them from Internet searches and has received thousands of such requests since. Google employees will examine each individually to determine whether it meets the ..

  • Google developer conference has news for India

    Google said Wednesday it was cooperating with three manufacturers to develop a smartphone specifically for the Indian market, with the device to cost less than $100 (73 euros). It said the smartphone would run on its Android operating system, ..

  • ‘Kill-switch’ the key to reducing phone theft

    Google and Microsoft are to add a ‘kill-switch’ feature to their Android and Windows phone operating systems. The ‘kill switch’ renders a phone useless if stolen. Authorities have been urging tech companies to help reduce the number of phone ..

  • Street art for everyone

    Technology giant Google is launching a new project to make urban art accessible to everyone through an online street art gallery. The idea is to help preserve an ephemeral art form which often disappears as soon after it is created. For the past ..

  • Google to buy satellite company Skybox Imaging

    The world's top search engine announced on Tuesday plans to purchase Skybox Imaging, a five-year-old satellite company situated right up the road from the Internet giant. The deal was reportedly worth $500 million (369 million euros). 'We've agreed ..

  • Google Maps is taking you inside World Cup stadiums

    (Photo: Google)By: Salma Tantawi While you can easily spot this year’s World Cup stadiums in Brazil via Google Maps, Google now offers a way for match goers to find their way inside the stadiums as well as the rest of the world to explore and ..