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  • Johnny Depp has never searched for himself on Google

    Johnny Depp has never googled himself.The 50-year-old actor claims he's 'pathetic' at all things technology-related and stays away from the internet because he worries he might read an upsetting rumour about himself.He told Tele 2 Semaines magazine: ..

  • Google buys drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace

    Google announced on Monday that it had acquired Titan Aerospace, placing it in competition with Facebook to expand global Internet access using drone technology. Google did not say how much the acquisition cost. Titan Aerospace, based in the US ..

  • Airlines start to look through the Google Glass

    Since its launch last year excitement has been growing over how Google Glass will be used. Billed as one of the next big things in consumer electronics, some airlines have already started to adopt the technology. A screen just above the eye ..

  • Samsung debuts top-end smartphone, with wearables on the side

    (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics unveiled a new smart watch and fitness band along with the latest version of its flagship Galaxy smartphone on Monday, demonstrating how the battleground for innovation is shifting from the hand to the wrist.The ..

  • Google snaps up Israel’s SlickLogin

    Google has reportedly bought Israeli security startup SlickLogin. The company’s three-man team announced the deal, saying Google shared their beliefs that logging in should be easy and authentification effective without frustrations or barriers. ..

  • Panama Canal expansion talks collapse over unresolved funding issues

    The Panama Canal Authority (PCA) broke off talks on financing $1.6 billion (1.18 billion euros) in cost overruns, needed to complete the expansion of the waterway, the construction consortium Group United for the Canal (GUPC) announced ..

  • Deal likely as Google makes concessions in search engine row with EU

    US technology firm Google has addressed EU Commission concerns by proposing changes to its Internet search engine, EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia announced Wednesday. The changes would provide users with a real choice between competing services ..

  • Court rules Portugal can sell Miro in London

    Hours before the auction's scheduled start time, a judge denied the opposition Socialist Party's request for an injunction to stop the sale. Portugal's government pleaded that harsh austerity measures have left the country short of cash, and it ..

  • Satya Nadella named Microsoft's new chief executive

    In naming Satya Nadella its new chief at the helm of the company, Microsoft picked a man who'd worked for the firm for 22 years and had been very successful lately in leading its cloud computing business. That has been a new area of business for ..

  • PC maker Lenovo's shares take a deep fall after acquisitions

    Lenovo shares plummeted more than 16 percent at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Tuesday amid a generally dismal day for traders not only in Asia. Investors looked highly uncertain about the impact of Lenovo's acquisition of struggling phone maker ..