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  • Islamists boycott election in Egypt

    Journalists and security forces are the only ones in the polling station on Fayoum's central market square on Tuesday morning (27.05.2014). Pick-ups piled high with cucumbers, onions or straw rattle past the building. A group of black-clad women ..

  • Pakistani journalist 'won't apologize' to the ISI

    Hamid Mir (shown above), a renowned Pakistani TV anchor and journalist, was shot in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on April 19. Both Mir and his brother, a fellow journalist, subsequently accused the Pakistani army's powerful spy agency, ..

  • Geo TV gets initial forensic report on Lahore massacre

    LARHORE: Geo News has obtained the initial forensic report of the brutal killing of 8 members of a family in a house in Lahore.According to sources, one of the dead, identified as Nazir had blood stains on clothes that match with the samples of the ..