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  • Japan ex-wrestler wages 'sports diplomacy' in N. Korea

    Flamboyant Japanese wrestler-turned-politicianKanji 'Antonio' Inoki kicked off his brand of sports diplomacy in North Korea Saturday ahead of an unusual two-day event featuring martial artists from around the world.Inoki, 71, an opposition member of ..

  • Wanderers head to Dubai to prepare for AFC Champions League semi

    Western Sydney Wanderers leave for Dubai Sunday for a 10-day training camp ahead of their AFC Champions League semi-final with FC Seoul.Following their ACL quarter-finals win over Chinese defending champions Guangzhou Evergrande this week, the ..

  • Four hidden taxes that we pay in the UAE

    By Nadine SayeghIt’s easy to boast about living in the UAE, which does not tax residents on their monthly income; however, there are many different types of taxes, which remain hidden from plain sight.1.       Tourist tax:We’ll begin with ..

  • Mall of the Emirates: Version 2.0

    By Nadine Sayegh‘Evolution 2015 to expand and enhance customer and retail partner experiences’Our favourite ‘go-to’ mall, owned by Majid Al Futtaim (MAF), announces yet another expansion plan dubbed ‘Evolution 2015’.We’ve all seen the ..

  • Pet shops: the cause for dog abandonment in Dubai

    Numerous pet shops are popping up around Dubai but maybe too much of something has become a bad thing.“We had one family come in this year where they had the dog for three days. They had bought the dog from a pet shop and loved the idea of it, but ..

  • Infographic: Top tips for driving in the UAE

    The UAE is often hailed as a cultural melting pot, but that also means that there are many different driving techniques.This mesh of driving styles is quite problematic for the country, as it is often the cause for many traffic accidents. ..

  • Top 20 ways you know you’re in Dubai

    You know you’re in Dubai when…1. Within three minutes of exiting an air-conditioned space, your clothes are stuck to your body.2. You have to take your glasses off before stepping outside, because you know that they are going to fog up.3. ..

  • Deadly Ebola in the UAE?

    Nigerian woman with symptoms of Ebola dies in Abu Dhabi International Airport.The 35-year-old woman travelling to India on August 17 for advanced metastatic cancer treatment, had stopped over in Abu Dhabi International Airport ‘showing signs ..

  • Dubai or Sharjah – Which is a better place to work in the Gulf?

    Dubai and Sharjah have emerged as the commercial hub of the Middle East over the last few years. High salaries and perks, excellent infrastructure and luxurious lifestyle attract professionals to the region. However, for any person looking for an ..

  • Worst drivers in the UAE

    Bad driving is always a hot topic in Dubai, and this week, thanks to Kipp’s sister publication,My Policy, we get a better look at which nationality causes the most car accidents in the country.But does this have any effect on the insurance ..