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  • Eygpt: Bomb blast in Cairo kills police officer

    An explosion rocked a busy square in central Cairo late on Friday. One police officer was killed in the blast. At least three other people were injured including a senior police officer. A security official said a bomb was planted inside a traffic ..

  • Egyptians protest new law on demonstrations

    'Down with military rule,' demonstrators shout in downtown Cairo as they march from the opera house to the journalists' union building. But it's a rare sight - since a new law on demonstrations was passed in November last year, few have dared to ..

  • Egypt: Police chief killed in Cairo blasts

    Egypt’s capital Cairo has been rocked by a series of blasts killing at least two people, including a senior military police officer. Exclusive euronews footage showed the immediate aftermath of one of three explosions across the city on ..

  • Egypt: Clashes between Islamist students and police in four cities

    There have been violent clashes in Cairo and three other Egyptian cities between police and university students loyal to the ousted Islamist president. In the capital pitched battles went on for hours as the students from Ein Shams university pelted ..

  • Egypt to hold May 26-27 presidential election

    CAIRO: Egypt announced a presidential election for May 26-27, a poll likely to be swept by the retired army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who deposed the president in July.Sisi is expected to win the vote riding on a wave of popularity for having ..

  • Pro-Mursi clashes at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University

    Security forces in Cairo have clashed with supporters of ousted president Mohamed Mursi. Made up largely of students, the group was demonstrating at the Al-Azhar university campus; a common site of unrest in recent months. Riot police used buckshot ..

  • Egypt sets late May presidential election date

    The commission said in Cairo on Sunday that the first round of voting would be held at the end of May, with a second round to follow if there was no clear victor. A winner is to be announced in June.Sissi, who resigned his posts as defense minister ..

  • Egyptian protests against Sissi presidential bid spark deadly clashes

    Hundreds of supporters of former President Mohammed Morsi took to the streets of Cairo on Friday protesting the recent decision by the man responsible for his ouster, Sissi, to run for president. Rallies were held in several cities across Egypt, ..

  • Egypt sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death

    An Egyptian court has sentenced 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death. Lawyers said it’s the biggest mass death sentence in Egypt’s modern history. Most of the defendants at Monday’s hearing were detained in August during clashes in ..

  • Egypt sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death

    CAIRO: A court in southern Egyptian has convicted 529 supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, sentencing them to death on charges of murdering a policeman and attacking police.The court in Minya issued its ruling on Monday after only two ..