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How can a jet plane disappear in 2014?

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How can a jet plane disappear in 2014?

By: Salma Tantawi

It’s the mystery that has baffled people around the world; a plane that disappeared with no information, news or findings for more than two weeks.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a Boeing 777, one of the safest models, took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading to Beijing on March 8 2014. An hour later, it disappeared off the radar screens, triggering high-tech search involving 26 nations, including India, Pakistan, China and US bases.

The question here is how an airplane carrying 239 people can disappear for that long in the age of technology and with high-end satellites all over the world looking for it to no avail. How did the world fail to track a 272-ton jumbo jet?

With few clicks on your computer you can track your lost phone or car, discover faraway lands, the world’s intelligent services can watch and listens to millions of people. You can imagine how frustrating it is for passenger’s families to not have an answer to where the plane went. 


The biggest aviation mysteries:


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Peace 6:42 AM

Type the following in google and Read the following link for your all answers: Flight 370 The CIA Hoax: Gordon Duff

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asm 10:41 PM

The whole episode has been goofed up. Why couldn't the Malaysian authorities raised the flag when they saw the transponder being switched off and plane veering off

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mujahed 2:19 PM

a lost Indian plane in 1950s was found in 1989 during the search operation of PIA foker plane which was lost in Gilgit and Sakardu mountains.

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Naeem Khan 6:23 AM

How could the U. S. not stop the recent mudslides in 2014 that Killed 20 people and caused millions of dollars of losses!!!!!

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Ibrahim Sheikh 4:40 AM

Remember 9/11? Untrained pilots flew similar planes. Hit WTC and Pentagon. We believed them. Now they say ONLY trained pilots can fly these planes. Again we believe them. We have no option!

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Muhammad Akmal 8:16 PM

I think the airplane has been crashed in Indian ocean with low speed so none of the wreckage has been found .

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Aly Baik 5:15 PM

If the airplane was heading North East, then why in heavens the entire search’s been done in the South East? Could it possibly be interference from the HAARP program stationed in Harold E. Holt communication station of the Western Cost of Australia?

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Hamid 4:17 PM

The American theory of Hijacking the plane and taking it into Northern area of Pakistan is laughable. This is the agency that boasts itself of the best in the world or is it just Lip service by the Americans is what we know now.

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Kashi 3:13 PM

Wow can anyone informed American intelligence agency about this conclusive news? immediately after disappearance of MH370 American Agency reported that they found clues that this plan has been hijacked and landed in northern areas of Pakistan. US allegation agency???

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OH Boy 2:36 PM

World please don't buy boeing planes cause Air Bus is gonna get you...

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