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Nawaz Sharif to announce six schemes for youth

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Nawaz Sharif to announce six schemes for youth

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will announce six schemes for youth including Qarz-e-Hasna scheme today, according to details of his second address to the nation.

According to the details received by Geo News, Rs350 billion has been allocated for Qarz-e-Hasna scheme of which 50 percent will be granted to female students with zero percent markup. 2.5 to 5 million youngsters would benefit from the scheme over the next five years

Nawaz Sharif is also expected to announce easy loans for people up to 35 years for small business with eight percent markup of which large amount would be paid by the government. Rs5 billion had been earmarked for easy loans for the current year. According to the details, 50 percent of these loans would be given to women.

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Syed Muhammad Adnan Shah 11:48 AM

Prime minister a better announcement youth pakege, but i request markup rate low minimum 4%. Syed adnan shah

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saqi 4:22 PM


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Actually West and the Rest of the World had Failed to understand that who actually is doing GENOCIDE in Pakistan Its non other than the Mind Set of a Lahoreiyas that they feel its their basic right to do any thing any where no questions will be asked as the Brahmans of Pakistan or the 1st grade citizen they think by waging proxy war on rest of the country by PUNJABI’S where as MEDIA, ARMY, ISI, BUREAUCRACY, JUDICIARY these five factors or the fist (Punja) of Punjab which keeps the whole world hostage and specifically the weak Sindh, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan Province where as only Balochistan had stood and know there real enemy that is PUNJABI in Pakistan As we also knew that all Nuclear & Conventional weapons of Pakistan are in PUNJAB’s full Control On the bases of that PUNJAB Continuous its GENOCIDE policies of eliminating & reducing Population of NON PUNJABIS through some Pro Punjab groups of TTP, Lashkar-e- Janhgwi who are the subcontractor of ISI & Army and they are serving the interests of PUNJAB by killing and trying to changing the demography of other four provinces of Pakistan in favor of Punjab and in order to loot the Mineral Wealth of Balochistan they need an Escape Goat like former president Musharf so that all the blame of Murdering Nawab Akbar Bugti by the Army & ISI of PUNJAB will not come on the shoulders of Army & ISI’s as they are there to serve the interests of PUNJAB instead by assassinating Musharf through their Subcontractor Like TTP they wanted to close the chapter once in for all by showing that the Justice was done & A NON PUNJABI MUSHARF will pay the ultimate price of PUNJAB’s interests and by this way they wanted to quench the two issue that we did not murdered Nawab Akbar Bugti and Benazir Bhutto it was Musharf who did it and we are your so called Muslim brother as we are CIRCUMCISED you see so give us the permission to loot your wealth once again with both hands. Its factually true as well that Media , Bureaucracy & Judiciary is more than 85% is in PUNJAB’S HAND whereas ISI is 100% from PUNJAB, and Army consists of 75% of Punjab only 25% Lower Ranks of Armed Forces and 15% in Media , Bureaucracy & Judiciary are kept for other Provinces & through ISI only Secondary Payrolled Waderas / Sardars / Zamindars (Big Land Lords of Sindh & Balochistan) like Jotoi’s Pir Pagars & some more are there to Crush there own people on orders from PUNJAB based Agency to keep the LAND LOCKED PUNJABIS UPPER HAND on Mineral Rich & Warm Sea based Provinces of Sindh & Balochistan under control and Under Total Darkness Either by Hook or by Crock by Poisoning there Rivers & not allowing them Excess to Safe Drinking Water or by Biological Warfare Hepatitis ABCD Etc by Supplying and Distributing World Wide Banned Pesticides So as to keep the INFANT MORALITY RATE UP in Southern Parts and to Keep there Cognitive Skills Down as Possible and to Keep HEALTH & EDUCATION SERVICES Starving for Budget & still claim that you people of Sindh & Balochistan do not spend your budget well & it’s your own Waderas which you had Just Elected they Claim, Actually they are Selected not Elected through ISI to Serve PUNJAB’s Interest’s . We also Knew that 68% of GAS & Petroleum production is from SINDH Province but SINDH still faces CNG Load Shedding and Curbs on Industrial Gas Distribution as Sui-Southern of Sindh & Balochistan SSGPL is Totally Regulated by PUNJABI’S & Sui Northern of Punjab is also by Punjab but the Main Function is Opposite to each other that is to allow SNGPL a Free Hand to Steal & Spread there net work of GAS in PUNJAB without Sindh’s prior consent & the function of SSGPL of Sindh & Balochistan is to keep the net work small as Possible Even in Balochistan there is Load Shedding of CNG & Gas because of this reason. We also knew that the Combined income Tax & GAS Fuel Revenue Generated from SINDH is 85% of the total countries Budget Balochistan Gas Contribution is more than 10% where as Shame on PUNJAB they Pay’s Significantly lower taxes as low as 5% as the combined benefit of GAS & TAX from SINDH & BALOCHISTAN are far too higher & Yet they Create forged Hype of War by showing 4th Grade Citizens of Sindh & Balochistan that Afghanistan, Israel, Americana, NATO & Indians are our real Enemies so we need more than 70% of the Total Countries Budget for Army & ISI of PUNJAB even PUNJABIS have a mind set that get a TAX Rebate or Reimbursements by hiring some Income Tax Consultants besides there is lot of un controlled G AS Theft & Electricity Theft in PUNJAB and Yet So called (Gunjas) Loins of PUNJAB are hell bent upon facilitating the BARAHMAN 1st GRADE citizens that is PUNJAB by allowing SNGPL Sui Northern to allow the Loot & Plunder of GAS uncontrolled & yet they blame ZARDARI for Looting the Country what a Qaum of PUNJABI Munafiks!!!! Liar Liar who are claiming to be 55% of the Total Population but still pays less than 5% tax and yet claims to pay 75%!!!!! And YET they are far too Prosperous than rest of the Country By the way PUNJAB is LAND LOCKED & DOES NOT PRODUCE ANY GAS or Petroleum. Yet most of the Refineries & Fertilizer Plants are in PUNJAB, Yet in SINDH & BALUCHISTAN local people do not GET any Key EMPLOYEMENT in Petroleum / GAS & Fertilizer Companies YET PUNJAB is FAR FAR More Prosperous Than Rest of the Country in General what a JUTICE done by our PUNJAB’S JUDICIARY, MEDIA, ARMY, ISI, BUREAUCRACY. It is also Highlighted that Coalition Support Fund and POF Defense Production & Drug Trafficking, Defense Related Export’s of Fuji Foundation Army Public Schools, Bahria Foundation, Askari, (CNG Filling Stations Without any Meter Free in Punjab thanks to SNGPL) & Real Estate Earning are also Separately distributed among Punjabi’s and there Generals Free of Any Tax as they blamed non Punjabi AQ Khan and presented him in front of Americans at Cyprus and put the whole blame of Pakistani Uranium Hexafluoride Gas Centrifuges found in Libya, Iran & North Korea & who knows where else solely on AQ Khan Shoulder where as the real Culprits are the Real Beneficiaries Obviously the PUNJABI Generals who did it all and got billions of dollars in there account but who dare to ask them. It is Ironic that the American’s their Masters also closed there eyes despite knowing this betrayal by PUNJABI Generals. About Situation in KARACHI SINDH & other provinces it is in the best interest of PUNJAB to keep the unrest there by Blasting by Target killing as Planed Clothed PUNJABI RANJARS who are target killer for some time of there day long duty & then suddenly those same PUNJABIS become our so called (Muhafiz) and also protecting those criminals who are Imported from Punjab on pre-condition that they will be creating unrest by killing people of Sindh & Balochistan which is obviously to accelerated the Genocide of 4th Grade Citizens or Non Punjabi’s. They also kills Policemen’s of Sindh & Balochistan who are Non Punjabi’s & different Political Party workers including Non Punjabi Shias & Sunnis but their main purpose was the same that is to keep the Economy of Non-Punjabi’s at stand still so that further demand for Gas & Energy by warm sea based provinces may not arise as 18th amendment by PPP was clearly Permitting Provinces Natural Resources for there own use First!!! But this is not Happening & will not ever going to happen as long as PUNJABIS are there to Crush Our Basic Rights by the way we are SHOUDARS or 4th grade citizens as per the PUNJAB’S Doctrine 1st 2nd & 3rd grade citizens lives in PUNJAB only rest of the provinces are 4th Grade Citizens called SHOUDARS yet they blame Hindus!!!! And yet there is media of Punjab who is constantly beating the false drum that Hai Zrdari Hai Zardari, We must call PUNJABIS the Greatest Ahsan Framosh Munfiks, Instinctively Lairs, Deceitful, Religion Abuser, Egotistical, Instinctively Extra Ordinary Linguistic and Double Dealer Persons to hit the face of this Earth... Off course we can not generalize linguistically any particular nation but there Actions are the Testimony to what is been said this is the Real Enemy of world in general if you just squeezes your thoughts a bit the OBL debacle at Abbottabad of double crossing their masters the USA you will see safe haven in Punjab and loots & loots of Prosperity in General as Compared to Rest of the Country which is the Testimony of there Loot & Plunder of 66 years they claim that other provinces people are incompetent its their Mind Set which Separated East Pakistan now Bangladesh which is now far more prospers than that of Punjabi’s Pakistan... Punjabi’s also Slow Poisoned to death by (Arsenic) the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam & it was also a Punjabi who shot and killed Liaquat Ali Khan at Liquate Bagh in Rawalpindi and the assassin got also shot in cold blood on the spot by a Punjabi so that further investigation of the assassination matter can be obscured and then begins the long Rein of Punjabi Gardi until now, the List of there miss deeds is almost End Less do not ever expect any good deed from a PUNJABI Sooner or Latter he will going to show up with his misconduct and a PUNJABI will always Remains in a State of Denial and Strong Negation along with Abusive Language where as truth is been Revealed in front of them like a Mirror with Statistics but they still Denies it which is the Clear Evidence and Sign of a Munfik and a Munfik is even far too worse than any non Muslim. We also demand that Tax and Gas revenue collected from Sindh & Balochistan must be fairly spent on the uplift of these two southern provinces its high time NOW other wise the result will be Horrific just like 1971 East Pakistan debacle, but we also knew that wont going to happen soon as the real story is Far Far more Sinister than that. As PUNJABIS think that as long as they have Nuclear Weapons no one can Dare ask them any thing from outside world and do what ever Atrocities Possible behind an Iron Curtain but they are forgetting that former Yugoslavia and Soviet Union are the Latest and Closest Examples of Such Breakups, Till the time Comes when Americans & Europeans Realizes about there True Enemy have a Nice Sleep with all your Looted Wealth Plundered from SINDH & BALOCHISTAN.

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By the way it is now an Established Fact that the Raped child was actually belonging to a Pashto Speaking Family who’s Family Suspecting did not know that the PUNJABI’S are So Extra Ordinary Linguistically Selective as well as Sexually Over Active due to HARAM OVER EATING as well as their HATDHARM Mind Set. It is also an Established Fact that she was Raped by atleast 3 Lahoreiyas, this is the main reasons that Lahore’s Linguistically Biased Police & Agency’s are not able to Catch the Real Culprits up until Now and will Never Catch the Real PUNJABI Culprit instead they are now focusing on the girls Pashto Speaking Relatives to get this case into a state of confusion so that the Face of PUNJABIS can be saved and by this way brushing aside the issue & Wasting Precious time so that the issue can be Quenched latter on. Besides how can a Pro PUNJABI Judiciary & Police track record known to be fully Linguistically Biased will going to punish those as Every 9th Citizen of Lahore is been Employed by either ISI, Judiciary, Bureaucracy, Army & Media. Besides Every Lahoreiya Have Got his Close Relative in these 5 Key Government bodies We Clearly See No Justice!!!!!

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You see I remained in Lahore and whole of Punjab for More Than two Years and found something astonishing which could be concluded as…..... The Punjabi Nation is Extremely Pro Linguistic to PUNJABI Speaking looks like the decision of Founder of Pakistan Quide-E-Azam of Urdu being the National Language is Blatantly /Absolutely being Rejected by them which is causing all sorts of problems around our country and around the world as PUNJAB is the holder of Federal Capital & Demographically about 55% of Pakistan they must realize that their actions must be kind of a responsible and Un-Biased type........ It is also know to very few that Mir Jaffar & Mir Saddiq were also PUNJABI’S it was also known that Punjabi’s are the one who fought against Germans, Turks, Italians & the Japanese During First & Second World Wars for Just 5 Pennies Per Month of Salary and because of their Contribution Ottoman Empire of Muslim Turks had also Fallen & Israel came into Existence Israelites must Thank PUNJABIS for Such unforeseen Contribution. But before these Wars Britishers got to make sure that these Punjabis will be Loyal to them only in order to do that PUNJABI’S Brought there Wife’s, Mothers, Daughters & Sisters to British Officers Just in order to get better (Gora) Genetic Makeup to upgrade themselves as Instinctively Punjabis are Bagharit Qaum as well so most of them Went ahead & get there Jeans Upgraded through British Sperm which can be proven with Latest Genetic Technology as a Result a new more English looking Punjabis Came into being who fought as Renter army for Britishers during 1st & 2nd World Wars but after the War with Germans, Turks, Italians & Japanese the Brithshers got too weak to handle South Asia & Rest of their Empire so they made a Miscalculated Action of Handing over a Country named Pakistan to Punjabis after Assassination of Quide-E-Azam & Liaquat Ali Khan by PUNJABIS them self. Now Since we knew from Primitive British Experiment of Sperm Donation of 16th, 17th , 18th,19th & 20th Century and after the Creation of Independent State of Pakistan about 66 Years ago about the PUNJABIS Behavior which was Carefully Monitored Since then and it is Concluded Now that We Badly Need Another New Technology to give Boost to there Genetic Makeup which is Obviously the Genetically Engineered PUNJABIS So that World can have a Sigh of Relive from this Nuisance of KUKO People of PUNJABI Origin and Besides the West Probably do not need PUNJABIS Services any more as Rentier Army of PUNJAB because of there Double Crossing in OBL Debacle , Stinger Theft Debacle of Ogeri Camp & Export to China Iran and Crashed Stealth Chopper Technology of OBL Compound to China Uranium Gas Centrifuge Export around the world and many many more so PUNJABIS are too unpredictable besides the West have New Better Force Multiplier Technology like Stealth Drones, Precision Missiles Etc.

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Ijaz Ahmed 4:00 PM

If during 1st & 2nd World WARS the Contribution of PUNJABIS is Subtracted or if they have not Participated against Germans, Turks, Italians & Japanese for Just 5 Pennies Per Month of Salary, Then the Course of History Could have Significantly Fallen in Favor of Muslims of Ottoman Empire their Empire would have remained & Israel would never came into Existence but that is not all PUNJABIS once again fought against Soviets who were known to be Pro Muslims on orders from there new Masters the Americans. After knowing these facts DO you still sympathize with these worse than Munafik PUNABIS who are claiming to be Muslims and shows there CIRCUMCISION around the world specially in Muslim Countries to collect Aid in there KASHKOLS for what to suppress and commit Genocide of their own country people (Non Punjabis) don’t be mistaken these Lair, Cheaters, Instinctively Linguistically Biased, Fraudulent PUNJABIS are far worse than Munafik and Munafiks are Worse than any Non Muslim keep this in Mind always about PUNJABIS of Pakistan who are defaming the name of country because of there MISDEEDS, & CHEATS

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rana 10:32 AM

I wish Prime Minister should be PHD

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rana 10:31 AM

he did not offer such schemes that foreign investor will get attracted to Pakistan. and India providing all favorable circumstances for foreign investors

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rana 10:29 AM

but Ganjaa can do only politics or build steal mills. in real he don't knows what important role science and technology pays in progressing a nation. he should beg him at least its question for our IT students future

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rana 10:27 AM

100% bilgates accept his proposal if he offer him Tax relaxation and special support for building Pakistan.

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