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Why Dubai should win Expo 2020

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Why Dubai should win Expo 2020

By: Yasmine Hamdy

According to a survey conducted by Alliance Business Centers Dubai has been positioned on top for hosting Expo 2020.

The Survey gathered its information from1,000 executives from the Alliance Business Centers Network (ABCN) across 28 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

Here are some reasons that made Dubai qualified enough to host the Expo 2020

  • Openness and cultural diversity
  • Being a central tourism and trade hub
  • Its political and social stability
  • The economic development
  • Infrastructure development
  • The advanced educational level

All the above will give Dubai a high opportunity to win the bid over its competing countries: Ekaterinburg (Russia), Izmir (Turkey) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

The result is set to be announced in November 2013 following a vote by the 161 member nations of the Bureau International des Expositions.

Do you think Dubai will win the bid?

Share with us other reasons that will rank Dubai high for hosting such huge event.

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Ayesha 7:30 AM

Dubai all power controlled by united nation this could b hapen. arab sale there soil so no ned to worry about expo is yours dubai . shameless search Deeply

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sadhan das 6:09 PM

By the Grace of God Dubai Will Win the Expo 20-20

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hussain 5:06 PM


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Mazhar 4:57 PM

Apart from above sated six demographic factors, geopolitical situation also favors this venue, further it is located between growing economic region of indochina and fueling middle east, perhaps economically most active region currently & for next decade.

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Mohammed Mughalles 4:47 PM

I think Dubai will win this bid

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Nadeem 3:44 PM

I think Turkey will win this bid

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Shahid Iqbal 3:32 PM

In-Sha-Allah Dubai will win.

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Mohammed Ali 3:19 PM

Insha ALLAH the Dubai will win to host EXPO 2020

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