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Emirati puts up a $143,000 reward for catching top leaders of Brotherhood

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Emirati puts up a $143,000 reward for catching top leaders of Brotherhood

By:Yasmine Hamdy

An Emirati journalist Hamad Al Mazroui offered a reward of one million Egyptian pounds ($143,000) for whoever helps the Egyptian security forces arrest any of the three senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Al Mazroui posted this reward on his Twitter account, saying that he would handover the amount to anyone whoever helps locate any of the three top Brotherhood leaders — Mohammad el-Beltagy, Essam el-Erian and Safwat Hegazy— whose arrests have been ordered by the South Cairo Public Prosecution.

Al Marzouni added that the bounty is available to all Egyptians “regardless of their religion or race”and will be presented in coordination with the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

Previously Al Marzouni congratulated the Egyptians for ousting Mohammad Mursi from power by granting them with 1 million Egyptian Pound during a public donation campaign to save Egypt from the current economic crisis.

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Heidi elAmir 8:04 AM

They will be arrested sooner or later. Don't waste your Money Mr. Mazrouie. They don't deserve it. The electronic brigades are everywhere. MBs You are terrorists.

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armaan 5:41 AM

dog of american laanatullahi alaal zuwalimen long live ISLAM long live brotherhood

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jamil 6:42 PM

funny how a journalist does not know what democracyrents is where did you get your degree the police in eygpt and army are killing innocent people and you give reward for this cuase

Abusive Comment(0)
Haris 4:41 PM

Curse on you bloody reporter.. Trying to impress your dictator government.. You can escape the judgement day.. :)

Abusive Comment(3)
Muhamma Frooq 2:17 PM

In the Muslim history such type of "MUNAFEQEEN" played a shameful role but at last there end was also bad.

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hatice 1:04 PM

and pays million to free Mubarak, you think you are body hunters? you don't fear Allah, you cant buy a good Muslim ! Your day will come.

Abusive Comment(3)
zizo 12:31 PM

These three leaders are better than such crazy fool Mazroui

Abusive Comment(2)
Abuabdullah 10:02 AM

These bloody can,nt offer any reward to mujahids who will help to finish Israeli Seige On GAZA. They can,nt help any award to arrest Isreli agents who kiiled on hamas leader In Dubai, They can,not do any thing for unity of Muslims ,they will always say yes what their real father USA wants from them. Shame on these traitors. Muslims brotherhood came in power by election and not by dictatorship. as their father do,nt like this democracy hence they are offering such rewards.

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Abdulsultan 8:18 AM

Almost all political parties all over the world in order to lure muslims in their party attach a word sounding islami.

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Weelwall 1:37 PM

I think U should have more editorial oversight on these comments. Just what the heck is Charles $ Ramy talking about?!

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