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$10 Million Human Regenerator: a Small Price to Stop Ageing!

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$10 Million Human Regenerator: a Small Price to Stop Ageing!

September 27th was a special day at Abu Dhabi’s Emirate palace. The occasion was hosting of World Luxury Expo and on display was luxury lifestyle products. The limelight was however hogged by an anti ageing device. The same has been aptly named ‘Human regenerator’. System 4 Technologies Gmbh has developed this unique human regenerator.


A special fact about human regenerator is that the same is produced on order and the German company which has produced the same will only make 50 pieces of the same annually. This anti ageing device has been priced $557,000 and a huge curiosity has already made way, given the fact that the device can control ageing to a certain extent.

The version of the human regenerator that was up for display at the luxury expo was a diamond encrusted version of the regenerator. The device can accommodate a full grown human being and around 6880 carats of diamonds have been used in the human regenerator at display to give it an exclusive look.


The price for this exclusive piece too has zoomed to around $10 million, given the fact that 6880 carats of diamonds have been used in it.

Given its unique shape of a bullet, this 128 kg of device can accommodate a full grown human being with ease. Human regenerator has been designed using a unique technology by the name of Quantum Cell Code. Body’s natural frequencies are imitated in quantum cell technology and longitudinal waves get generated.


Silicon and aluminum deposits have been used and these help create the anti ageing effect.

Given the increasing number of billionaires around the world, it is a wild guess as to how many pieces of human regenerator will be produced every year.

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liyanage 8:21 AM

It is difficult to believe.

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mohamed 7:57 AM

I petty the fool!

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Shahjahan 9:55 AM

Germans are great inventors. Let's hope this technology will benefit common man one day. But the reporter has not clarifiedthis technology. How Silicon and aluminium create longitunal waves?

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edwards 8:28 AM

there is a potential for this regenerator for deep space missions .just looking forward .

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janella Gaspie 4:01 PM

Wanna try!!!

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Ayessha .F 12:44 PM


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Anas Nasir 9:38 PM

I need prove -_-

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M. Alam 9:12 PM

I cant believe this, if its true then why this news is so late, one week late news, I think you should find other ways to make people fool, this is bull shit

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