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Saudi Arabia to give Egypt $5 billion in aid

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Saudi Arabia to give Egypt $5 billion in aid

Saudi Arabia approved a $5 billion aid package to Egypt on Tuesday comprising a $2 billion central bank deposit, $2 billion in energy products, and $1 billion in cash, the Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf told Reuters.

The aid comes after the Egyptian army overthrew President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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me 8:24 AM

The Saudi Kingdom has been a close friend to the United States for many years! I believe they see the danger in the brotherhood!

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Rizwan 10:01 AM

At this crtical stage Muslim Ummah needs UNITY instead of Fractions. May Allah help all of us to absorb each other and to respect each other. Otherwise, Muslim declining will strengthen.

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lady Duval 9:00 PM

Egypt needs help now thanks to God the Muslim Brotherhoods are gone ,This time for good. Thank to H.R.H.for his help.

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zain 8:28 PM

shame on saudia arabia and uae :@:@:@. they must not sopport dictators as he did in past in pakistan.

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Muslim 8:22 PM

Saudi Arabia was worried that the desire for democracy may reach its shores. Hahahaha. InshAllah the choice of the Hejazi people will reign over Hejaz -- the land of our Prophet which has been renamed after one family, the Sauds.

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