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Minya farmers block major road over unfair FJP coupon scheme

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Minya farmers block major road over unfair FJP coupon scheme

Hundreds of farmers in Minya blocked the Maghagha al-Adwa road linking Upper Egypt and the Western Desert on Tuesday to protest what they say was an unfair diesel fuel coupon scheme.

The protesters had gathered at the gas station to denounce the Freedom and Justice Party, which was behind the coupon handout gone wrong.

They accused the FJP leaders of playing favorites and not distributing the coupons to everyone in a fair manner.

The residents blocked the road with tractors and other agriculture machinery.

of Adwa Police Station Brigadier Ehab al-Sobh and Chief Detective Sameh Sarhan were deployed at the scene to negotiate with residents and reopen the road.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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