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Unprecedented fraud in the voters’ database

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Unprecedented fraud in the voters’ database

by: Yasmine Hamdy

The Egyptian anchor Ibrahim Eissa revealed in his talk show “Hona Al Kahiera” a disastrous discovery; which is a fraud in the voters’ database in Egypt.

According to a study done by Dr.Heba Gouda the statistical expert, she found a lot of things that doesn’t make sense, as she found around 9 million voters either having their names repeated or doesn’t exist at all, in only 6 voting circles, she found 700 votes registered in more than one electoral commission and in various governorates. With extinctive analysis for the birth dates, she found in some cases the age of the son exceeds his mother by 16 years, and in other cases the mother was expected to give birth at the age of 56 years old or even older.

Watch this video provided From YouTube for that episode.

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