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Prosecution says activist’s body will not be reexamined

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Prosecution says activist’s body will not be reexamined

The Attorney General for Central Cairo Prosecutions, Hamdi Mansour, rejected the possibility that the body of activist and member of the Popular Current Mohamed al-Gendy could be examined in another autopsy.

“The body cannot be re-dissected again. Autopsy should be performed one time only. It has been agreed on forming a tripartite committee to draft a medical report over Gendy's death, in response to defense of the victims family,” he added.

The prosecution received the forensic examiners report on Gendy's death, which was attributed to a car accident. The report denied claims of torture.

It also said eyewitnesses testified that Gendy died as a result of a car accident on the 6 October Bridge.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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