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Veena Malik in US – Video

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Veena Malik in US – Video

Actress Veena Malik reaches US, spending time with family 


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Asfand Yar Khan 2:28 PM

May G-d have His mercy on America. America is now becoming a whore land.

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hamza 1:41 AM

lialauat ha is tarah aurat p aur liaqauat ha is k family p b she s bloody shut lady

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Mr. Shaukat Jamil 7:04 PM

She is such a shameless whore that I would not spit on her face.

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m shabaz 9:16 AM


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amjad ali 8:40 AM

u r so sweety and smart...:p

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imran 4:38 AM

she is brave lady. full of confident.

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arjamand khan 9:40 PM

nice video too sexy

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Sarwat Khan 5:38 PM

Veena Malik (100 rats kha kar Haj Karna Chalee) This is another publicity stunt by actress

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mani 1:35 PM

best fashion site . nice veena malik. Welcome to our fashion section. fashionwithfun

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