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Veena Malik hurts foot during film shooting

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Veena Malik hurts foot during film shooting

BANGKOK: Pakistan’s controversial actress Veena Malik was injured during film shooting in Thailand, Geo News reported.

Veena was busy shooting a Bollywood's Kannada film titled ‘Silk’ in Bangkok when she got her foot fractured, however, she completed the scene and later took a break for bed-rest.

Doctors have advised three-week bed rest to the actress.

Veena Malik hurts foot during film shooting

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Hi,Veena I like you very much i am from PECHS Karachi and would like to marry you! don't rush for any other proposal just wait for me.

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laiba 3:52 PM

very bad

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anam dua 5:54 PM


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Sanjay duth 10:09 AM

Veena u r very sexeys whore and beach in the world i want to see in nute photoes so pls can u send my Email is aboue is mention

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Malik 8:25 AM

sham on you veena

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noor bashar khan 4:08 AM

The world will end now that this "woman" has hurt her foot . EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NEWS , WHICH COULDN'T DO WITHOUT !!!!!

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WHY ARE YOU all people wasting ur time on her do your work it s her decision to do what she wants it s none of your business and i m not favouring anyone but i m telling you to leave this lady and she dont read them so it is just wastage of time

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tania 8:19 AM

Dear veena i like you even i love you get well soon people got jealous to your success you know you are very daring and straight forward girl which thing makes you very special for me i am from Pakistan i know how difficulties and criticism you faced, i really want to see you for appriciation

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mazhar alam 7:13 AM

Sad news current famous actress veena malik hurt during shoot. GOD bless her & give strength to recover from injury soon & veena start profesional activity soon. GOD LUCK.

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analyst 7:04 AM

i am quoting from one of his interview "what i have done which i have not done before, its my profession and i m doing my job". I think according to today standards she is on the peak of her abilities and hype of his profession. I think our behaviour is sterotype.

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