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Fathi Abdel Wahab to Star in Horror Film

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Fathi Abdel Wahab to Star in Horror Film

Egyptian actor Fathi Abdel Wahab has been cast to star in an Egyptian horror film titled 'E12'.

'Al Khaleej' newspaper reports Abdel Wahab was cast to star in the film alongside a number of emerging actors.

The film's director, Belal Nasr says 'E12' is the first Egyptian horror. He noted the film's story was created by Essam Mohsen and scripted by Amr Fahmi.

The film portrays the story of a man whose wife disappears. He reports the incident to the police, confirming that he saw her by the house's porch but moments later she was gone.

The husband fails to convince the police about his story, and some consider him crazy. However, one police officer believes him and tries to help him.

The police officer begins to investigate the apartment, and discovers a myth revolves around it.Provided by YC/

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