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Tom Felton ‘hit’ by Potter sets

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Tom Felton ‘hit’ by Potter sets

Tom Felton says re-visiting the Harry Potter sets hit him like a 'ton of bricks'.

The actor played the villainous Draco Malfoy in the popular boy wizard movie franchise. This week he was reunited with some of the props and scenery from the films, as he visited the new Warner Bros. Studios Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter in the UK.

'A lot, I won’t lie,' he told UK TV show Daybreak when asked how much he misses working on the movies. 'It got pretty emotional yesterday for me. I walked through the Great Hall for the first time in three or four years and it hit me like a ton of bricks, to be honest. It is a place of many treasured memories. It all came back to me rather quickly.

'Nothing here has been re-created. These are all the actual sets we used and they are exactly as they were. Some of them are over a dozen years old, so it’s pretty cool for me to get to see them again.'

The behind-the-scenes tour opens to the public this weekend.

It boasts sets from Diagon Alley, the Great Hall in Hogwarts and Privet Drive, where Harry grew up. It also features costumes, props and animatronics from the films as well as part of the Hogwarts Bridge and the triple decker night bus.

Tom admits he regularly tried to convince movie bosses to let him keep a souvenir from the set. However, he now understands why his requests were always refused.

'Well, strictly speaking – no,' he explained when asked if he took any mementos from the movies. 'We were asking for years for wands, for broomsticks and they denied us. But with good reason – this is the reason they said no, because everything is here. Everyone’s wands, broomsticks, it is quite a marvel how much they have managed to keep.'

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