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Joaquin Phoenix set for Low Life

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Joaquin Phoenix set for Low Life

Joaquin Phoenix and Marion Cotillard are set to appear in Low Life.

The movie is being written and directed by James Gray, who has previously worked with Joaquin on Two Lovers, We Own the Night and The Yards. Jeremy Renner is also being lined up for the movie, which is a dark tale about a woman who is prayed on when she moves countries.

According to Deadline, Marion is in line to play the immigrant who decided to uproot her life in Poland and journey to America. While on route her sister falls ill and the only means she has to get the treatment her sibling needs is by swapping sexual favours.

She’s ordered not to tell anyone, but finds her papers mark her as a woman with loose morals.

The woman struggles, which is when she meets Joaquin’s character. He convinces her a life of prostitution is the only way forward for her.

The only ray of light is Joaquin’s character’s cousin – the part Jeremy is in line for – who seems to be the woman’s only way out of her desperate life.

Shooting is slated to start next year, but no details about the release date are known.

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