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Paul Bettany proud of Priest ‘mash-up’

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Paul Bettany proud of Priest ‘mash-up’

Paul Bettany says Priest is a 'satisfying mash-up' of a number of different genres.

The 39-year-old British actor stars in the sci-fi horror movie directed by Scott Charles Stewart alongside Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q and Karl Urban.

The movie tells the story of a priest who disobeys church law to hunt down vampires who kidnapped his niece, and Paul thinks the film is difficult to categorise.

'I think it's really, a really satisfying mash-up of urban sci-fi, a little drop of Western in there, a lot of horror, and a shed-load of action,' he said in an interview with MTV.

His fellow castmates agree. Maggie, 31, says the film goes one step further with its introduction of a never-before seen species of vampires, and sets itself apart from other fantasy horrors.

'We've been kind of going through that today: 'How do we talk about this film? What do we say?'' she mused. 'It's not a vampire film; it just isn't. There are vampires in it, but vampires we've never seen before, so that's even cooler.'

Cam, who has also appeared in the hugely popular vampire franchise Twilight, says he and the rest of the cast were given an insight into film maker Scott’s vision of the movie. The American actor, 28, says they pre-empted that the upcoming movie would be unique in its approach to wide-ranging genres.

'We had seen pictures of the world Scott was creating,' he explained.'You get the feel from even the comics that we had looked at, and you kind of just get that sense, even when just looking on the sets, you know what world you're stepping into, as well as the costumes.'

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