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Martin Sheen loved to take kids travelling

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Martin Sheen loved to take kids travelling

Martin Sheen has recalled taking his kids to some 'pretty remote places' when they were growing up.

The 70-year-old movie icon has four children with wife Janet Templeton; daughter Renée, 44, and sons Emilio, 48, Ramón, 47, and troubled actor Charlie, 45.

The kids lead an exciting childhood because their father Martin was always travelling the globe shooting parts in films. The actor, who is known for his roles in films such as Badlands and Apocalypse Now, had no qualms about taking the children out of school.

'They came away a lot with me, especially when they were little and didn’t really have a lot of say in the matter,' he told Empire.

'I just grabbed them out of school and took them to some pretty remote places.'

Martin is thrilled that all of his offspring have followed in his footsteps by becoming actors. He says that some of the qualities he doesn’t like in his children are traits that he also possesses.

'It’s strange. You know them in different ways. You know when one child is honest and one is not. If there’s something I don’t like when I look at one of my children, it’s usually a reflection of something I don’t like in myself,' he added. © Cover Media

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