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Rosamund Pike tired of dull sex scenes

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Rosamund Pike tired of dull sex scenes

(Cover) - EN Movies - Rosamund Pike hasn’t seen a 'sexy' nude scene for a very long time.

The beautiful star is appearing in a television adaptation of D. H Lawrence’s novel Women In Love, which is airing in the UK. The modern reworking of the tale sees Rosamund step into the role of Gudrun, the youngest of the two Brangwen sisters, who pursues a destructive relationship with Gerald Crich.

The drama involves naked scenes and Rosamund gave the sexually explicit content some serious thought before taking the part.

'I was aware there would be nude scenes', she told Stylist. 'But Women In Love is about intimacy. I have no interest in objectifying women [for the sake of it] of course, but all four characters are searching for intimacy, and naturally that involves sex. Also, I thought the scenes should be really erotic. I haven’t seen a sex scene that I’ve found sexy for ages.'

The stunning actress never works out before nude scenes as the way her body looks is irrelevant to the character and plot. She doesn’t want to 'detract' from the purpose of the scene, which is ultimately to tell the captivated audience a story.

'We had a joke about us all having to go to the gym because we all have to get our kit off, but it’s so not about that. If the audience is involved and watching the story they’re not going to look at whether or not your thighs are toned,' she explained. 'And if I thought that seeing my body would detract from the character I wouldn’t do the scene. It’s the character that people want to see.' © Cover Media

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