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Sara Farah bitter for losing in Star Academy

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Syrian contestant Sara Farah criticized the performance of Nasma Mahjoub, the winner of 'Star Academy 8' despite the former's apparent happiness for her fellow contestant during the finale.

In a statement to 'Rose Al Youssef' newspaper, Sara explained she regrets taking part in the show, and does not advise anyone to be a part of it.

The newspaper also quoted Sara as saying: 'Nasma Mahjoub's win is a scandal, you can't possibly tell me her voice is better than mine.'

She also revealed that Nasma informed her of the results before their announcement, noting that everyone knew that the audience voted for her and not for Nasma, hinting that the results were rigged.

Sara's mother angrily expressed that she didn't want her daughter to win the title because she is sure of her stardom.
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