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Shjoon Al Hajri marries cousin

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Kuwaiti actress Shjoon Al Hajri announced she's married her co-star and cousin, actor Mohamed Al Alwy. Rumors have been rampant about her marriage to many other people.

Kuwaiti newspaper 'Al Anba' reported that this announcement was made on her joint page with friend Fatima Al Safi on the social networking website Facebook.

Shjoon directed this announcement towards everyone who's suspicious of her relationship status. She stated that she's married to the actor, director and also cousin, Mohamed Al Alwy.

Their hiding of the news came as a surprise, especially given the rumors of her marriage to a former Khaleeji businessman. Some thought this was a new rumor to those circulating about her marital status.

Kuwaiti magazine 'Ana Zahra' reported that Shjoon and her husband are the lead stars in the series 'Mozakirat Ailiya', written by Fahad Al Eliwa and directed by Gamaan Al Rowaie.YC/ المصدر

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