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Rola wins case against Haifa Wehbe

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The Lebanese judiciary finally resolved the conflict between Rola Saad and Haifa Wehbe. Wehbe reportedly accused Saad of insulting and defaming her on the pages of Lebanese magazine 'Al Jaras' months ago.

Saad's press office issues a statement saying the judiciary decided to exonerate Rola Saad from what was attributed to her regarding what Lebanese television channel 'Al Jaras' broadcast about Wehbe for its irrelevance to what was published by 'Al Jaras' magazine.

The judiciary also decided to exonerate Karim Abi Yaghi and journalist Nedal Al Ahamdiya from the charges filed against them by Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe on May 3, 2006 for libel and defamation in the magazine.

The judge fined Haifa the full expenses of the lawsuit for Karim Abi Yaghi, Roula Saad and Nedal Al Ahmadiya.

This is the second time Rola Saad is awarded a winning sentence against Haifa, where Wehbe previously accused her of fabricating a pornographic film, with Saad winning the case.YC/ المصدر

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