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Wael Sharaf defends Al-Assad

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Syrian actor Wael Sharaf claims the people of his country are happy with their president Bashar Al-Assad, and denied the existence of any sectarian problems in Syria.

'' quoted the actor as saying Syrian people are very aware of where president Al-Assad's wise leadership has gotten them, and they are happy with his rule.

Wael refuses the idea of extending a message to the citizens of his country, saying: 'There should be no messages between the Syrian people. because they know exactly who they are.'

The actor denied the existence of sectarian strife in Syria, indicating that everyone loves this country and there is no discrimination based on religion.

The actor thinks the crisis Syria will empower it even further, referring to Syria as 'indestructible'.

He also expects for this ordeal to be over soon and for life to return to normal once again, with the Syrian people stronger and more bonded.

In artistic news, Wael is resuming to film his scenes in the series 'Dalila Wal Zaibaq' (Dalila and the Mercury) by director Samir Hassan. He revealed he will appear as 40 different characters.

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