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Pakistan breaks world record for largest human flag

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Pakistan breaks world record for largest human flag

LAHORE: Over 29,000 students braced the rain to break the largest human flag world record. The record breaking feat was held as part of the Punjab Youth Festival.

PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz congratulated students who formed the Pakistani flag.

The record was previously held by Bangladesh when 27,170 people formed the national flag in Dhaka.

29,400 Pakistani students formed the national flag and reclaimed the record for Pakistan. The record was validated by a representative of the Guinness Book of World Records.

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m.khan choudhry 3:17 PM

it is a proof of unity,faith and discipline,the saying of our ,father,hon.m.a. jinnah. inshallah this nation will be honoured more

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sadiq 12:34 PM

hamza shahbaz would have been sued for his criminal adventure of making world record at the cost of life of young children in harsh weather, if he would have done that in a developed country. He should thank he did it in the rule of his baap

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heba 10:26 AM

Big or small, large or huge, the most important message of a country's flag is the freedom, and peace, without peace, living in fear and bloodshed the flag will be in tears,beauty of the flag is not just showing the colors, but respect every human.

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ZeGe 6:15 AM

Indeed a proud moment to go a step ahead. I am in Lahore and for sure the weather was not favorable, but the committment from all was consistent. Such joint efforts by youth and leadership should continue to eradicate the problems that we are facing as well.

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sardar ullah khan 2:23 AM

Zara num ho to ye mitthi bari zarkhaiz ha logo. Pakistan Zindabad

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jang 9:06 PM

great news now they can start to provide clean water and electricity to all homes

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waqas 8:16 PM

pakistan zindabad

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Iqbal Malik 7:57 PM

Heartiest congratulation!

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Chaudhry Riaz A. Wahed 7:37 PM

Congratulations. The student force may be used for constructive and cooperative activities.

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Abdul Rehmaan Qayyum 7:36 PM

#Respect :D

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