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shahid 11:37 AM

taso da wsa pori na yaye tek shav hm

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muneeralam 12:28 PM

very nice

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sehar 10:14 AM

pray for pakistan that some nice and sincere person would come to reign and make our country a strong economical country these days pakistan needs a great and faithful honest person to change ............. now we have to pray for it and hope for good bettr best may my pakistan make success by leaps and bounds ameeeeeeeeeeen

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2345 8:31 AM

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2345 8:31 AM

Who is she??

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mootesim 7:25 AM

its fraud with muslims

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12:09 AM

This is only a drama . Malala did noting 4 peace. she is hardly 14. her father is working for CIA and jews loby. what they did in the best interest of American CIA and jews loby, this is award for them from those who are enjoying benefits.

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srv 11:18 PM

drama like 9/11 to cover failed foreign policies of capitol hill. Innocent Milala and his greedy family is being used as a tool to create fear in west /.

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