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shahid 11:37 AM

taso da wsa pori na yaye tek shav hm

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muneeralam 12:28 PM

very nice

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aisha khan 4:15 PM


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zarmuhammad 3:07 PM

mala game was start by ISI.and CIA its realty is those that other women which are under cruel of ameraca like afia sedqee.

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khcrhjgg 3:58 PM


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sehar 10:14 AM

pray for pakistan that some nice and sincere person would come to reign and make our country a strong economical country these days pakistan needs a great and faithful honest person to change ............. now we have to pray for it and hope for good bettr best may my pakistan make success by leaps and bounds ameeeeeeeeeeen

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Aziz 5:53 PM

There are lot of ladies and girls done more than this malala work but not much recognised by the USA president and UNO. What is the reason of quick coverage? Arranged to achieve something out of it.

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a 6:19 PM

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salimullah 9:06 PM

I am at a loss to understand why this young lady has been given so much attention and so vastly projected in the western media while this was reported that two of her school mates had also sustained bullet injuries and were in critical conditions. The western media and the NGOs serving the interest of their masters perhaps didn't bother to remember even the names of those poor souls. Malala (not her real name) is being portrayed everywhere as an ambassador of courage and a roll model for the younger generation. Shame on you. You can deceive the world and use Malala to defame the Pakistani nation but let me tell you that in Pakistan except for few people, nobody believes in the lies you have been fabricating with impunity. We know about your design and also aware of the fact that the diary attributed to Malala was not written by her but by a western visitor.

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Zimarah Kidlan 12:45 PM

Sharafat Zia.. if these kinda people will become role model than Pakistan will always loose.. stop showing us this * * * * * as role model. There are many role models in the world to support,we Pakis are not mad to support a dog !

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