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Finding your talent

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Finding your talent

By: Mony Shohayeb

Each one of us has a talent, a hidden small something that makes them different from everyone else, a tiny gift that complements the unique blend that shapes the person they are. But often we are so engulfed by our daily routine, indulged by the worries and responsibilities of life that we overlook your God given talents. Many of us haven’t even discovered what are talents are, let alone worked on unleashing them and helping them flourish. 

Some of us are talented in music, painting, others writing. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the art. Many are good with numbers, others have great people skills, and some are able to generate great business ideas or learn new languages quicker than others. The challenge is to find the talent that has your name written on it. That’s the key. To put your hands on what you do best and actually do it. Once you discover what it is that you are talented in, that’s the first stepping stone, for practice makes perfect. You can always practice on your own, with the help of books, friends in the same field or even go take a course of some sort. The ultimate scenario is to be able to make a living out of your talent and hence enjoy your job, but life is far from the perfect situation. In life we often have to compromise, so if what you’re talented in cannot be your fulltime job, it is up to you to find the time and the means to unleash your talent in any other way possible, alongside your other responsibilities in life. 

The biggest obstacle is taking that first step, breaking from your daily routine. Just find out what it is you enjoy, be it music, art, singing, sports or whatever it may be and do it. Find time between the stress of your job, the traffic or any other responsibilities and find something that makes you happy, that you do best and if it will help or make others happy along the way then that is talent put into good use. 

Just start now. Don’t delay what you can do today till tomorrow, you are sure to find your way and the people who will appreciate your talent.

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aqeel 1:21 PM

2nd last paragraph, the biggest obstacle........ in my case do not hv financial backup be it mine or sources, 2ndshy away from making long haul proposal esp written, presentation knowing that that the persons sitting around you are dumbells n hv nothing better to do searching/surfing for investors/funds thru search engine always turnout the so called claim investors/funders are mostly shysters trying very hard to convince u to part with adm fees n disappear esp this century. where r all the real people it seems we/i m living in the barbarion times, this is very stressing i hv tried all listening to music, movies walk in the park gather with friends n many more anxiety do not go away, in my country medication is prohibited, what can i do..

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Nadine T. S. 7:37 AM

Amazing !!!!!!!!!

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salma 11:33 AM

this is an inspired article and yes i am an artist and i want to show my talent i will try to find out a way to start my work

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