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Nut is more nuts anti-oxidant

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Nut is more nuts anti-oxidant

Latest in scientific research, U.S. scientists said that the nut is the most kinds of nuts a healthy and should be dealt with in much larger quantities in the framework of proper meals.


He said scientists from Pennsylvania, said nuts have the highest rate of antioxidants of all kinds of other nuts, it is known that antioxidants help the body fight diseases.


The scientists said that all the nuts contain good nutrients, but more a health nut of peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and others.


And the d. Joe Vinson of the University of Scranton analyzed the levels of antioxidants in several different types of nuts and found that a handful of nuts contains twice the antioxidants in a small amount of any other kind of nuts.


And also found that antioxidants such better quality and more efficient than those in any of the other nuts.


And usefulness of antioxidants, it stops adverse reactions that are harmful to the body's cells in the process of oxidative stress.


As the antioxidants found in nuts increase in strength from two to 15 times the power of vitamin E (E) is known as protects the body from harmful natural chemicals responsible for the disease, according to the study of American Scientists.


Among the benefits of nuts, it also full of nutrients as it contains high quality protein and many vitamins and minerals in addition to dietary fiber, it is also free of gluten.


Previous research showed that eating small amounts of nuts can permanently reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease and some cancers and type II diabetes and other health problems.


Dr. Wolfensohn said there is another advantage in the nuts as a source of antioxidants: 'Heat resulting from the roasting nuts reduces the quality of the antioxidants, but people eat nuts as it is or not roasted and thus have access to the full effectiveness of antioxidants.'

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