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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

By: May Rostom

Strawberries, the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert whether covered in whipped cream, sugar, or dipped in chocolate. This recipe takes only half an hour to prepare 20 chocolaty strawberries.


230 grams of finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate chips (use white, dark, or milk)
20 large, hard strawberries

1/3 cup finely chopped nuts (optional)


In a microwave-safe bowl place the chocolate chips for 5 minutes to melt. This could also be done in a bowl set over a hot water bath. Line a tray with waxed paper. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate one at a time, while swirling it clockwise to 'shake off' any dripping chocolate and give an even smooth finish.

Now sprinkle garnish on the covered part (nuts, icing sugar, or sprinkles) then place the chocolate covered strawberries in the fridge for a maximum of 45 minutes (to avoid condensation drops on the chocolate).

To make tuxedo strawberries, dip the strawberries entirely in white chocolate. Chill for 20 minutes (or until the chocolate is hardened). Now dip each side of the strawberry in milk chocolate to make a V- shape on the sides of the strawberries.

Hold the strawberry above the bowl while giving it a little shake for excess chocolate to drip off, and then chill. Using a toothpick, draw the buttons and the bow tie and place in the fridge again. Serve cold.


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leonida bantique tayong 6:09 AM

want to learn cooking most specially cakes....

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nasreen 8:35 PM

its yummy and tasty

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