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Jul 26, 2014

Now you have the opportunity to deepen an important relationship and make plans together with your partner. Now is the time to make decisions and to put things in action. Don't have too much faith in the people around you today.. more


If it is at all possible, try to spend a week at a beach. Your physical powers are as strong as can be. Now is the time to consider how you could better your health structurally.. more


It's written in the stars that things will go brilliantly. It's in your hands whether you accept the invitation you'll soon receive or not. Try to be more patient and just let everything be.. more


In financial matters, you are inclined to choose unusual methods and solutions. Maybe you'll be offered a better job: if so, you should accept it immediately. You speak your mind, not because you like to argue, just because you feel the need to be honest.. more

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