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Apr 20, 2014

Stay calm, whatever happens and don't listen to people who are making a fuss about nothing. Don't rush anything, today! Did you know that you're viewing the world through rose-coloured spectacles? Enjoy your positive mood in peace and quiet, but beware not to overestimate yourself. Stay determined! The time of contemplation is over, now it's time to put some ideas to practice! You might meet some interesting people today.. more


Why don't you throw a party, one of these days? Be sure not to have too many irons in the fire. If you keep everything inside you'll more easily take recourse to alcohol or drugs. You really need somebody now to help you, things are getting out of hand.. more


Enjoy the feelings of love you're feeling today. You inspire everyone with your good humour and this is very motivating for the people around you. The fact that you're happy with yourself won't go by unnoticed.. more


Try to be as systematic as possible when it comes to making connections for work, the chance of success will thus be higher. Take care what you're doing, your zest for work may hinder you to concentrate on more important things. Now is the time to withdraw yourself from daily life.. more

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