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Aug 01, 2014

Try to visit your friends and acquaintances more often. Enjoy life without regretting the chances you missed in the past. You should try to take stock of your life, it's about time you did.. more


You're trying to resist the feeling, that your sources of energy are drained, which makes it worse. You're feeling the urge to impress people. You really need somebody now to help you, things are getting out of hand.. more


Someone you're fascinated by may have an important role in your life to play. A person whom you've just met or whom you'll meet these coming days will be on your mind for a long time. Nothing or nobody can bring you down today.. more


This day is perfect for action, but success will still depend on the impression you make on others. Maybe it's time to reconsider your financial situation, every day you're getting more and more in the red. Anything you go for this afternoon will succeed.. more

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