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Recent answered Love questions

    • By : gurusassi

    This luvguru is not so knows how it works, I am in a downhill relationship with my ex and we have a business venture together, what do I do to save our relationship?

    Hello. The most important thing you must take care of here is trying to maintain professionalism at the workplace despite your breakup. If you can't balance your love/ business relationship at the same time, then try to separate them. If you two are ..

    • By : Rita

    Is it a good idea to get married to a guy who loves me but i do usually do however he is the type of a guy that i want

    Hi Rita. Yes, actually it is! If he's your type and he loves you, then chances are he'll do everything he can to please you and make you happy, and that's exactly what every girl wants right? After marriage, if he's a great dad and husband and you ..

    • By : zara

    My lover is so unpredictable , we know each other since last six months and during this period we fought so many time due to our different thoughts, but I always found him very strange ,he neglect me often, he seldom tell me something beautiful. ..

    Hi Zara. Why are you with him again? If during the first 6 months you've fought a lot, it doesn't look pretty good to me! I suggest you move on and find someone else before this relationship turns into an abusive one! Good luck.

    • By : sara

    hi very upset about my relationship with my boyfriend v r in relationship since 3 yrs ..intitially he use to care about me alott.. v use to work at the same my training is over for last 3 months nd i hv felt a great change ..

    Hi Sara. I suggest you take a break away from him. If he doesn't appreciate you in his life, then he doesn't deserve you. Maybe something is bothering him, some work issue or financial issue that he doesn't want to talk to you about, but even then ..