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What?! The Worlds Most Expensive Meals

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What?! The Worlds Most Expensive Meals

Hungry? Rich? Well, then these are the meals for you. Sure in today’s economy most people want to get as much grub for their buck as possible. However, there are still the few, and the insanely loaded who won’t blink twice at the $1000 dinner bill tucked inside the leather-bound receipt jacket the server so graciously leaves on the corner of the table. The frugal they are not. Here are the World’s Most Expensive Meals.

The Golden Eggs
For those who think breakfast is the most important meal of the day consider this: the $1000 omelet. Oh yes, it exists and it can be found on Norma’s Menu, a restaurant of Le Parker Meridien Hotel. This treasure is located on West 57th Street in Manhattan. Norma’s offers its patrons an array of gourmet dishes but the $1000 Frittata is by far the most expensive. This pricey dish consists of six eggs, fresh Atlantic lobster, 10 ounces of imported caviar, which by the way is around $80 by itself, chopped chives, butter and heavy cream. The omelet is said to be delicious and worth just about every penny, but for the rest of us working men, an Egg McMuffin may do just fine.

Thousand Dollar Feet
For those of you with a fancier palate, you would probably appreciate eating feet - duck’s feet that is. For a mere $1380 per kilogram or $138 for 100 grams you can dine on duck’s feet. Australia is the home to these delectable webbed tootsies. So on your next voyage to the land down under, visit the Cantonese restaurant, Silks in the posh Melbourne suburb of Southbank. This delicacy is prepared with the webbing still intact covered in a light brown sauce with a side of bok choy. This gourmet treat will probably be the only time you will be able to stomach eating feet. The price alone will make this feast quite a memorable experience.

Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Beef
Tokyo wins when it comes to serving up the beef. Japan, known for their melt in your mouth Kobe beef is home to the restaurant that specializes in plating this rarity. Aragawa Steak House in Tokyo’s Shinbashi district offers the finest cuts of Kobe beef for a hefty $277, or ¥1,672 as noted on their menu. The dish arrives at your table in all its juicy goodness. For that price, you may expect to get a side dish of rice or salad greens to accompany this succulent cut of beef. But don’t even think about it. It is considered a crime against food if this choice beef is served with anything other than a bit of mustard and some black pepper. I guess you could ask for their finest sake to complement the taste but if you are on a budget than just stick with the beef. Ah, all in the name of gourmand!95 Pound Burger (British Pounds That Is)
So you don’t fancy yourself the epicurean. In that case, a meal for the common man’s taste buds, albeit not a common man’s budget. A Burger King restaurant, yeah that’s right fast-food at it’s finest. In London, a gourmet burger so decadent that it’s asking price was £95, or $195. Located in South Kensington, the short lived but much hyped menu item consisted of only the finest ingredients. First, massaged Japanese Wagyu Beef was seasoned with Himalayan rock salt and organic white wine. This made for the finest burger experience that Burger King or any other fast food chain has ever served. Its competitors were left in the back of the ground chuck line. This wonder burger was topped with lettuce, crispy fried onions, thick-cut seasoned bacon, and mayonnaise. Finally, it was all placed on a seasoned Kaiser roll for a truly gourmet taste. Now that’s fast food you eat with a knife and a fork.

We All Scream for Ice Cream
The ultimate finale for any food enthusiast is found at NYC’s Serendipity. Ask for their Golden Opulence Sundae. With a price point of $1000, you will receive the most extravagant sweet treat your palate will ever know. So what makes a tiny dish of ice cream so expensive? The 23-carat edible golden leaf will do it. Nestled on 60th Street in Manhattan, the world-renowned Serendipity café serves plenty of regular meals but only one has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for most expensive desert. This indulgence begins with Tahitian vanilla ice cream infused with vanilla beans from none other than Madagascar, and then it is mixed with rare Venezuelan Chuao chocolate. Drooling yet? It gets better. Drizzled with Hershey’s syrup and topped with a Maraschino cherry. Not until the ice cream sundae is adorned with the golden leaf does the price skyrocket. Served on a golden dish set with candied fruits, gold covered almonds, chocolate truffles and marzipan cherries, the ornate presentation helps justify the exorbitant cost.

For many of us a steak and lobster dinner is our idea of fine dining and a meal at the local Olive Garden may be sumptuous enough. Yet any food connoisseur will tell you that food should be a gastronomic experience. The culinary genius behind these opulent pleasures comes with an equally opulent price and the luxury of it all must be well worth the price.

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